You surely see plenty of news articles in the media, but mostly the online environment allows you to take a closer look to them. news162496602.jpg.pagespeed.ce.po7Bz91lsEThe papers are written by journalists, but the online environment is mostly made up from freelancers and journalist, and they have learnt from one another how to make a proper news article.

With some documentation and a good writing skill, everything can be done easily and without too much hassle. With the right writing tips it shouldn’t be difficult for anyone to write a news article, as sometimes this can also be fun – a simple exercise of this can show you if you have what it takes to be a journalist.

Here are some tips for writing news that can help you out when you’ll need it most.

The six W’s

news_01This is what you need to know and the questions that you need to ask: Who? Where? What? When? How? Why? To make a good news article, you will need to answer all of these questions. People love to know details about one event or another, so all this will be relevant to them, no matter the subject of your article. Apart from this, there can be more questions starting with any of these short words. For example, in your article about a local shop, you can cover questions like “Who is the owner? Who is the manager? Who are the clients? What are they selling? What are their prices and their services? Where are they located? When are they open? Why are they offering those services? Why do they have those selling opportunities? How are they going to approach the sale season? The questions could go on, depending on the subject you have chosen and on your imagination.

The Most Important Detail

newsThis is mainly used by journalists with experience – they are placing the most important detail at the beginning of their article. It’s a sure way to keep people interested in the facts that you are presenting. This is because most of the people will pass on after a few lines – this means that you have less than 15 seconds to keep your audience engaged in reading what you have written. If the reader finds the information interesting and relevant, he or she will keep reading the article until its end – if not, they will pass on to something more interesting for them.

The Writing Style

You don’t have to be academically trained to be able to write a news article, but you do have to know how to write properly. You Twitter-newsneed to be skilled in using words and grammar. However, don’t make your phrases too long or the paragraphs longer than 5-7 lines. Space them out for an easier reading – people don’t like to see crowded spaces, and only in the newspapers or magazines you will see crowded writing anymore. Keep the style easy and friendly enough, without brisk phrases, to make sure that your readers remain and read your article fully.

It’s About People

Remember that a news article is not an interview with a star or an article about a food recipe. The news are about how people are doing, what their emotions are and how they are affected by the event that you are telling. Choose an angle for your story, or a slant as the professionals call it. This will help News.347152400_stdyou have a focus point for your story and make it clear for everyone that reads it.

Be Objective

When you write a news article, there is no option to be partial to the events or to the participants. Write an impartial article and cover all the points in the story, especially if there are more sides to it. It’s not ok to write in the first person, but write in a general manner. Don’t use ‘me’ or ‘I’ unless you are quoting someone, and when you do it, use quoting marks to show out what and who your are quoting.