In Washington, DC, UAE Ambassador to the United States, Yousef Al Otaiba, hosted a special celebration event gala. The location of the event, Smithsonian Institution’s National Air and Space Museum in Washington DC, was a perfect fit for the celebration as the event also honored the UAE’s newly announced Mars mission.… Read More

Every great player in the world is going to be on the 2015 Tour except for one. Tiger Woods is going to miss most of it and the next season because of back problems. Recent revelations from Tiger Woods have made it clear that he is in no position to play in the future, and… Read More

Many talented natural born leaders who possess multiple skills can give companies or enterprises an advantage over its competitors. However, for various reasons, when these key team players depart, gaps in the company structure should be calculable. It is imperative for companies to maintain strong governance. Missing links can be the difference between success and… Read More

The CAPCO program was designed to help states invest in the economy to create high wage jobs. High wage jobs are produced by companies that are performing well, and the economy starts to improve when these states have enough jobs to support the upper classes.… Read More

Planning for succession in the boardroom is the most important of the way that a company is run. People will change jobs often, but there must be a plan for succession that has been compiled for the company. The plan for succession is going to help the company have something ready to go within days… Read More

Maine is a great place for people to go when they want to see rocky coasts and great sites. The state was pivotal in the revolution, and there is a ton of history in every city. The state as a whole is a nice place to be, but it is not as advanced as other… Read More

The complaint filed in Washington State Superior Court marks the latest effort by the online powerhouse to crack down on fraud on its site. In April, Amazon sued several sites that offered to produce reviews.… Read More


Texas is part of the twenty percent of states in the U.S. of America to implement CAPCO programs. Texas Certified Capital Company Program was organized in 2001 to help boost venture capital for the sole purpose of booming new jobs in small rural towns and urban cities. The effort of the programs is to generate… Read More

You surely see plenty of news articles in the media, but mostly the online environment allows you to take a closer look to them. The papers are written by journalists, but the online environment is mostly made up from freelancers and journalist, and they have learnt from one another how to make a proper news… Read More